Camana Way Plant Book

Camana Bay on Grand Cayman is a 500-acre community that sets a new standard of development in the Caribbean, putting sustainability at the forefront. OLIN has been involved in the master planning and landscape design since 1997, with the mixed-use town center recently opened. Camana Way, a garden parkway between two major roads, serves as one of the first significant landscapes brought to fruition. Designed to showcase the plants of the five common ecosystems found across Grand Cayman, from the Caribbean beaches to the mangrove wetlands, Camana Way is a pedagogic landscape for the entire community.


A small reference book was researched, authored and designed by OLIN for the use and edification of residents, local students and visitors. Many of the plants chosen for Camana Way are not found in nurseries or documented in plant books. Therefore, wherever possible, the plant book describes how each plant was used in the past, and its environmental value to the island. Together these native plants of Grand Cayman create a beautiful landscape while attracting indigenous birds, butterflies, bats and iguana with their flowers and fruit.


Camana Way is a popular pedestrian route.


Caesalpinia pulcherrima, the Peacock Flower, is one of many spectacular native flowers of Grand Cayman featured on Camana Way.


The “Seasonally flooded, brackish woodland” is one of 5 ecosystems represented on Camana Way. A footbridge over a pond surrounded by native coral stone boulders are a feature of this part of the trail.

  1. Cayman Resident says:

    Where can one acquire this field guide?

  2. Cayman Resident says:

    Books & Books in Camana Bay sells copies, CI$7.00

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