Groundbreaking for Canal Park

Mayor Adrian M. Fenty unveils signeage at Canal Park site.

Washington D.C Mayor Adrian M. Fenty unveils signeage at Canal Park site.

The construction of Washington Canal Park in Washington, DC has begun, with completion of the project slated for Fall 2011. Situated in the heart of a burgeoning residential district, this park will become a new and innovative social nexus for Washington, DC, adjacent to the Anacostia riverfront. The project also promises to be a national model for sustainability and was recently chosen as a pilot project for the national Sustainable Sites Initiative.


“I am delighted that neighborhood residents will have an innovative and beautiful gathering place that can be enjoyed in any season,” said Washington, DC Mayor Adrian Fenty.

Once a three-block stretch of the Washington Canal system, the site had been relegated to a parking lot for district school buses.

Through diverse programming, from a restaurant with outdoor seating, to children's play areas, each block is given its own unique identity within a cohesive experience.

The interactive fountain functions as an ice rink in winter.

The rain garden functions as a stormwater collection basin, which filters and directs the water to an underground storage tank. Rainwater will also be collected from the roofs of adjacent buildings, fullfilling the majority of the park's irrigation demands.


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