In Progress: Potomac Park Levee


Potomac Park Levee is located on the National Mall in Washington, DC at a culturally significant site spanning the Washington Monument grounds and the Constitution Gardens. Currently, this site represents a significant gap in the Anacostia River levee system, which would cause the federal triangle to incur significant damage during 100-year flood events. OLIN will ensure that this new levee, which is up to eight feet tall in some locations, be well integrated into this significant cultural landscape. The design concept draws from the historic canal system of Washington, DC by engaging a lock-keepers house located on the site, and adopting the language of battered stone walls iconic of the canals to form the flood protection levees. OLIN is working closely with the National Parks Service, Army Corp of Engineers, and the National Capital Planning Commission to ensure approval of the final design from these agencies, as well as the public, and is assisting in the environmental assessment report.


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