“Lines in Four Directions in Flowers” Recognized by the Public Art Network


It’s been just over one year since Lines in Four Directions in Flowers opened to the public on the west lawn of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Originally conceived by renowned conceptual artist Sol LeWitt over three decades ago, OLIN led the realization of the piece in collaboration with Groundswell Design Group, using 21st century technology and in-depth horticultural knowledge to bring LeWitt’s proposal to life. The project is now being recognized by the Public Art Network as part of the group’s Year in Review Program, which honors outstanding, exceptionally creative, or innovative public art works. This year’s list of projects was selected by a panel of public art experts, including artist Norie Sato, artist and Head of Carnegie Mellon University School of Fine Art John Carson, and Justine Topfer of the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Partner Susan Weiler, who led the design team for Lines in Four Directions in Flowers, was thrilled to hear the news. “It’s a great validation of our team’s work and commitment to maintaining the integrity of LeWitt’s vision,” she said. “Even though the concept—the ‘what’—was done, it was the ‘how’ that was the challenge. We spent months researching the color and flowering cycles of dozens of species and were able to design a system of plantings which ensures that there will always be an even pattern of blooms throughout the spring, summer, and fall. Especially now, a year since the opening, it’s been incredible to see it all play out so beautifully.”


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