SEISMIC Bench Wins Design Award

Seismic Bench

As part of DesignPhiladelphia, the nation’s largest design festival, the Fabrication Lab at the University of Pennsylvania issued a challenge to local designers: create an inventive and functional urban seating option composed of a single piece of birch hardwood plywood and held together using only screws and wood glue. OLIN’s entry “SEISMIC” was awarded first place by the challenge’s panel of judges.

Visualizer Chris Landau, who led OLIN’s competition team, explains that the key to the team’s success was taking an open and collaborative approach to the project’s initial planning stages, allowing the entire team to “generate many innovative ideas while solving unexpected challenges.” Ultimately, the team produced a bench with a unique aesthetic, where plywood, a fundamentally artificial material, was layered and carved with a CNC Router, creating a rippling organic form that evokes the topography of a landscape. This juxtaposition of the natural and the unnatural, along with the bench’s sturdy construction, led judges to award “SEISMIC” their top prize.


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