The Future of Philadelphia’s Infrastructure

© VIADUCTgreene

© VIADUCTgreene

Philadelphia, like other aging Mid-Atlantic cities, is home to many industrial relics and defunct infrastructure. The City Branch and the 9th Street Branch are disused sections of the former Philadelphia and Reading Railroad corridor, alternating between elevated and sunken levels just north of Center City Philadelphia. OLIN is currently collaborating with VIADUCTgreene, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the reuse of the 9th Street and City Branches as a three-mile long linear public space, with pedestrian and bicycle paths and neighborhood parks. A series of conceptual designs for a three-block portion of the City Branch is underway by OLIN, Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, CVM, and VJ Associates. The effort is led by VIADUCTgreene and funded through a Community Design Collaborative service grant.


This diagram highlights the myriad cultural institutions in close proximity to the 9th Street and City Branch corridors, depicted in orange.

VIADUCTgreene is hosting an event to spread awareness and generate ideas about the current and future state of the former rail line. The public event will explore the history of the 9th Street and City Branches, as well as the corridor’s present conditions and future potential. A collection of interactive stations will invite discussion around the vision for the three-block study area and the three-mile corridor in its entirety. The event will take place on Saturday, October 13th from 3-5 pm at Underground Arts, located at 1200 Callowhill Street.




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