White River State Park, Season by Season

The Oval at White River State Park

White River State Park in the heart of downtown Indianapolis is an exceptional resource to the City and its communities, and in the heart of White River State Park is The Oval, a tranquil—if underutilized—half-acre lawn area. As part of our 2011 vision plan for White River State Park, OLIN sought to reinvigorate this space through interventions designed to encourage access and wide flexibility of use, making The Oval at White River State Park both the physical and the social nucleus of the park. OLIN proposed removing the granite curbing which currently surrounds The Oval, enabling universal access from all around the site. The team also recommended a central concrete plaza and programmable scrim fountain, which can be turned on as an interactive play feature, turned off to accommodate events, and frozen over to make a winter ice skating rink. The rendered perspectives above show all the ways in which The Oval at White River State Park, once completed, can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages and throughout all the seasons of the year.


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