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Landscape requires stewardship. The field of landscape architecture must address some of the globe's greatest challenges: a compromised ecology, an aging infrastructure and the pressure to house growing populations. By orchestrating the complexities of the modern landscape, OLIN’s designs promote community building and inspire engagement with the natural world.

OLIN is dedicated to affecting positive change through landscape architecture, urban design and planning. We are advocates for the artful creation and transformation of the public realm, and practice in a range of scales, including ecological and regional systems, urban districts, campuses, civic parks, plazas, and intimate gardens.

From our studio in Philadelphia, OLIN crafts timeless spaces that promote social interaction and enhance life. We successfully realize projects locally and internationally, each one reflecting its unique context. Through rigorous research, analysis and a dynamic design process, OLIN incorporates the intrinsic qualities of a site to generate a landscape that is embraced by its community. Sustainability is a central tenet of our holistic approach, uniting natural processes with technical innovation to produce contemporary and beautiful places.

We collaborate with clients, architects, engineers, artists and communities to build consensus among diverse interests while attaining the highest level of design integrity.

Public Ledger Building
Suite 1123
150 South Independence
Mall West
Philadelphia, PA 19106

215.440.0030 (p)
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